Thursday, 18 August 2011


Hello there everyone

Today is day two for the "Bucket list" hop hosted by Michelle. If you are not familiar with a bucket list - it is a list of things that you would like to achieve/do before you kick the bucket !!

This hop intrigued me so i just had to join up and am very excited to be showing you my creations.

If you have found this posting by hopping along in bloggerland, thank you, and would like to take part in the hop then please start back at Michelles blog   HERE to start off the hop but if you have arrived here from Gina's blog then you are on the right track.

On this hop we are also celebrating special days for those of us in the line up - so here goes to who is celebrating in the month of August.

Michelle and Jamie - Happy birthday 18th Aug
Justina - Happy Birthday on 28 th Aug
Wendy - Happy Birthday on 31st Aug
Me and Jim - Happy 11th Anniversary which was on the 11th Aug

So how do you create a bucket list ?   then i guess you do need to read my day one post !

For day one on this hop i showcased projects that i have achieved already from my  bucket list so whats left is to showcase for day two some projects of items that i have still to achieve - hope you like them.

On my Bucket list is to renew our wedding vows in Las Vegas as Scarlett O Hara and Rhett Butler - Gone with the Wind is my all time favourite film. This was supposed to happen for our 10th anniversary in 2010 but putting on weight, being made redundant and all the costs involved with it we decided to put it on hold for another time. Again this is so achievable and I WILL do this maybe for our 20th or 25th anniversary !!

The dress in these 2 pictures is THE dress that i want to be wearing and i have found an American online company who would do this for me  but they are rather expensive to have it made and to get it shipped to me in the UK - but it will be OH SO worth it

and here is my layout for this wish on my list.

Here is a layout i created to show the next of my projects on my bucket list - to take a wild animal safari in Kenya.

Next on my list is to open my own craft studio - this was again supposed to happen in 2010 when i was out of work as i had pursued the venture but got nowhere fast and had to return to working for a living :-( to make ends meet. I had wanted this in my 40th year but im happy if it happens before im 50 ! Here is a layout that i created about it

I dont quite know what else to create for my studio venture as all i have is a "works in progress book". The book is not very exciting to take pictures off as it is a lot of writing and drawings but here  is a list of things that are contained in it.

This book shows :-
the items i have purchased for the shop - fixtures, fittings etc
the items i still need for the shop
the layout id like to have in the shop - for selling and workshops space 
ideas for workshop/demos and people to host them
materials i have bought for workshops etc
colour schemes - clearly it would all be pink !!
window displays with curtains

blimey it actually shows a lot. Anyway it gives you an idea of what is going around in my head!

Hope you like what i have created for this hop on both day one and day two as  its been a blast doing the projects for it and im looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Next hop stop is HERE where you will find the next bucket list projects from Linda T.
Thanks for hopping by.

I am taking part in another blog hop on 20th and 21st - Hawaiian themed over on my main blog so i hope you can hop on by for that one too - i have themed freebies on offer both days too.


  1. beautiful pages.

  2. What a sweet way to see a few things on your list, Gill!! I also would like to take an African Safari... But I'm also happy to settle for a trip to the ZOO!! :)

    Amy :) at

  3. Gill these layouts are so perfect for a "Book of ME" You should consider doing one if you haven't people look back on your album they will come to know you even better..

  4. What an awesome goal!!! Don't let a life get in the way!! That dress is awesome!

  5. I so want to renew my vows as well...Maybe something very vintage as I LOVE vintage!! I love your blog!!!

  6. btw..forgot to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on the 11th!! ♥♥♥♥

  7. I love how you are so focused on what you want!! Stick to it:-)
    jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

  8. Gill,I must have hopped too early and missed your stuff. I love your page and idea for renewing your wedding vows. This is gorgeous! I just watched a slide show of a train trip through Africa that I thought looked beautiful. I love your LO on going on a safari trip. I had thought maybe once I might want to do this, but then decided not really, but you never know. I love your book though on your own shop. I have always wanted that too, but I know it won't happen until I at least retire, but then not sure that I really want one then. LOL Great work! tfs Tami
    Tambo's Creations

  9. Again, I'm so sorry I've taken so long to get through everything. I hate that I got so sick :(

    I never figured out how to do scrapbook pages for things I WANT to do!!! How you did it is GENIOUS! Now I know how to do the pages I want to do that I don't have actual pictures for...THANKS SO MUCH!

    Thanks again for participating in my hop.


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