Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hello there crafters

Today is the "Bucket list" hop hosted by Michelle. If you are not familiar with a bucket list - it is a list of things that you would like to achieve/do before you kick the bucket !!

This hop intrigued me so i just had to join up and am very excited to be showing you my creations.

If you have found this posting by hopping along in bloggerland, thank you, and would like to take part in the hop then please start back at Michelles blog   HERE  to start off the hop if however you have arrived here from Gina's blog then you are on the right track.

On this hop we are also celebrating special days for those of us in the line up - so here goes to who is celebrating in the month of August.

Michelle and Jamie - Happy birthday today 18th Aug
Justina - Happy Birthday on 28 th Aug
Wendy - Happy Birthday on 31st Aug
Me and Jim - Happy 11th Anniversary which was on the 11th Aug

Now on with the hop.

So how do you create a bucket list ?  Well heres a few simple things to ask yourself to get your started. Write down the questions and then your  answers beside each :-

1 - if you had a year left to live, what would you like to do, like to see, like to go to  etc
2 - if you just won the lottery what would you like to do, like to go to, like to own etc
3 - what do you most regret not ever doing in your life ?
4 - if a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be ?

I bet you will have heaps of things on your list? What hinders us from achieving these things are probably money, attitude, location of where we live, no will power - am i right ?
So what actually is hindering you from achieving them - i mean really hindering you - then why not take steps to resolve those issues and go for it - turn  your bucket list into reality !!! I hope this hop inspires you to create your own Bucket List.

What i have done for this hop is showcase today which is day one what  i have actually achieved from my list and  turned into SB LO projects and for day two i will be showcasing projects of what i have still to achieve.

Now for my projects

One thing that was on my list  that i have actually done,  when we were on holiday last year in Majorca, was to take a hot air balloon ride - here is a layout that i created for it. It was much more special as it was our 10th wedding anniversary.

Next i always wanted to visit Las Vegas and experience its surreality. I achieved that in 2004 and yep that is me in the bottom left photo under the MGM lion & Jim in the next photo playing a munsters slot machine.

I have always wanted to swim with dolphins and although i havent actually achieved it yet and it is achievable for me, which im hoping for in 2012 on my return visit to Florida, my sister actually did this in 2006 and here is a layout that i created from some of her pictures.

Hope you like what i have created for day one of this hop. its been a blast doing the projects for it and im looking forward to showing you my creations for day two - these will be the projects of things that are still on my list.

Next hop stop is HERE where you will find the next bucket list projects from Linda T. Thank you for hopping by and see you again tomorrow.


  1. Wow! What great experiences!! I'm adding a hot air balloon ride to my bucket list! Thank you for sharing your layouts! :)

  2. First, happy anniversary! These are great LOs. I would love to go on a hot air balloon trip too,but not sure that I will put that one on my list yet. tfs Tami
    Tambo's Creations

  3. Wow amazing memories! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. great layouts. I have been to Vegas and Loved it- I want to go back with my Hunny next time. Can't wait to see your projects tomorrow.


    was nice hopping with you :)

  5. I especially love the dolphin layout! How fun!

  6. Hot air balloon rides are soo much fun! The only thing I haven't done is swim with the dolphins! I think that would be amazing.

  7. Wow! How fun was that? Cute LO! TFS CallyAnn(follower)

  8. Fun Fun Fun, I love seeing what you have achieved, very encouraging and inspiring to me and my own list.

    Smiles Sher

  9. Really cool layouts! Happy 11th anniversary to you and Jim!


  10. I love your layouts and I love that you got to experience these things..Swimming with dolphins is on my list too so maybe some day we will achieve this...Congratulations on your anniversary that you happen to share with my birthday!! :)

  11. How much fun that you have accomplished at least 3 of your list! And were able to scrapbook the pages- awesome! Happy Anniversary! Mine is on the 23rd :-) 42 years! I am a new follower....
    jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

  12. Pretty layouts and Happy Anniversary!

  13. You have been busy girl!!! Good for you! Love your layouts!

    Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

    Glad to be in this hop with you!

  14. Gill, these layouts are just AWESOME and so inspiring!! :) One of the things on my list is to ride in a hot air balloon (I have vertigo, so this would be a HUGE accomplishment, but I'm determined to be able to do it at some point!)... So it was really nice seeing that you've already done that.

    Happy to be a follower,
    Amy :) at

  15. Thank you so much for participating in my birthday hop! Sorry it has taken me so long to get through.

    I hope you get to swim with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove next year like your sister did! I'm a little biased towards the park as I worked at SW for 6yrs, but it IS a wonderful park & AMAZING experience! I got to help acclimate the DC dolphins to strangers before the park opened & got to do a whole day's worth of swimming with them. It was incomparable! You need to go! And I'd love to meet you when you come to our "Sunshine State" :)


Thanks for stopping by, i apprecaite your comments as they spur me on to keep creating. :-)